Sallow Fields and Pallid Gods

First steps

Encounters 1 and 2

Encounter 1

Our three heroes live in the village of Atolsburg, and with more and more people going missing they are getting concerned for their family and friends – with one PCs sister being lost.
But Atolsburg, being very small, has no guard to turn to for help. It is not until the village clergyman Seymhore Arnfern goes missing that the three heroes are conscripted by Hughard Leowin (the village ‘mayor’) to travel into the hills behind the village to go find him.

They find a cave entrance guarded by small, pale humanoid creatures. These beasts have no facial features but a crude mouth, and only different sized horns on their smooth heads.
Travelling further into the cave reveals that these creatures (the Salur) are being assisted by strange spider-like creatures which will drink human blood if able to grip an unwilling source well enough.

Fighting past these creatures, the heroes come to a final cavern with a bulbous tree at the far end – its root system cracking through the earth at their feet. In one corner of this cavern cowers an old man in robes, and a pile of bodies in the other. The PCs sister is among the bodies, with only a necklack being taken in remembrance.

The fright of the old man (Seymhore) rouses the tree, and a fight ensues revealing the tree as the source of the spider-like leeches, who were bringing it blood. The PCs see that the tree and many of the Salur have had a strange symbol burnt into them which no-one recognises. Having done all they can, they return home.

Encounter 2

With Seymhore having been taken away from his plants, he realises that some of them need replacing. Most will not be an issue, but one very special sample – known as blood moss – will be more difficult. He enrolls the party to help him recover some from an old research station nearby – the now ruined home of one Francis Weyland Thurston, a young man who slowly went mad in his fervent isolation.

The party move through the house picking up a candle of true sight, several pages of unreadable research notes covered in strange symbols, three globes of alchemists fire, and three wax seals which can be split in two. The party does not yet know what the wax seals do.

They finally make their way to the roof and manage to enter the observatory. Seymhore collects the bloodmoss, but fiddling with the telescope awakes something in the house. In their rush to escape the party accidentally sets fire to the house. A fight with strange, malformed beasts slows the party down whilst travelling through Francis’ old workshop as the house slowly collapses around them, but the PCs manage to escape in time and enjoy an uneventful journey home.

The party’s interest in the symbol of the Salur, and quite exactly what Thurston’s research was has been piqued, and they intend to find out more about both, if they can.



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